Out of Sight

i-b8047228588ef795da385f34ec6b4d97-sightbuzz.jpgIn Ethan Siegel’s ongoing treatment of dark energy on Starts With A Bang!, he considers a number of alternative explanations for the dimming of redshifted supernovae. Could photon-axion oscillations be to blame, or does a “grey dust” pervade our universe? In another post, Siegel appreciates that our galaxy smells like raspberries and rum, and not, for example, Uranus. His diss to Andromedans: “I bet you stink compared to us!” For more things unseen, Greg Laden on Collective Imagination points us to Kameraflage, a technology that writes secret messages and draw pictures only visible to a digital camera. Finally, open your eyes for a stellar image of our galactic center on Dynamics of Cats, courtesy of Steinn Sigurðsson.

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