Evidence, Layer by Layer

Evidence that life on Earth is very old (and of humble origin) continues to accrue, but some beliefs are insurmountable. On EvolutionBlog, Jason Rosenhouse refutes the argument that the evolution of complex molecules and organisms is highly improbable. He notes that if we “imagine evolution proceeding by selecting genotypes entirely at random, then the probability is vanishingly small that we shall ever find one that produces a functional, complex organism.” But since natural selection only builds upon what works, it’s a smaller wonder that we’re here to argue about it. On Dispatches from the Creation Wars, Ed Brayton exposes “the problems that flood geology has trying to jam every single event recorded in nearly 700 million years of deposition into a single year.” Ed writes, “one has a hard time imagining how a group of dinosaurs were alive and going about their day, peacefully building nests to hatch their young on solid ground, in the midst of a global flood that had already deposited thousands of feet of sediment below them.” Who says the Word of God can’t be poetic?