Open Laboratory 2009

i-baa4c8940fe38e3d8c4305cb29a998e7-olabbuzz.jpgThe Open Laboratory 2009 is now available in print! This cutting-edge anthology of science writing includes many great ScienceBlogs posts as well as work from around the web. Editor Scicurious announces publication on Neurotopia, writing “we’ve got some fun stuff in there (hyenas and boobies and beer!) and some contemplative stuff in there (animal research and academia and much much more).” On A Blog Around The Clock, series editor Bora Zivkovic says “SciCurious did a fantastic job as this year’s editor—and it shows.” Bora also thanks Blake Stacey on Science After Sunclipse for “his LaTeX and general tech-savviness for putting the book together so it looks really good.” Blake writes that science writing on the web can be “fragmented and ephemeral” because “whatever we write scrolls off the screen in a day or two,” so “having an opportunity to collaborate and make something which might last a little while was fun.” Kudos to everyone involved in this project for a job well done.

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