Science for the Future

On the USA Science and Engineering Festival blog, founder Larry Bock addresses the “declining number of young Americans entering the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).” The Festival expo will take place April 28th and 29th, aiming to “inspire the next generation of science and technology innovators through exciting unforgettable ways.” Bock says that waning student interest in STEM subjects is not “a problem for our schools to tackle alone. It will take all of us—from involved parents and teachers to employers, government entities, STEM professionals and civic and community organizations—to help inspire the next generation of innovators.” So read about the expo’s star-studded itinerary, and bring a kid to Washington DC or one of the satellite events around the country. Meanwhile, Ethan Siegel bemoans the prospects for budding astronomers in light of the National Science Foundation’s 2012 budget. In 2011, funding for astronomy was “about equal to the least valuable team in the NBA,” and in this new year threatens to shrink to zero.