Popular Anti-Science

On Class M, James Hrynyshyn reports a counter-intuitive survey conclusion: people who are more educated about science are less likely to be worried about climate change. The study posits that views on climate change are “cultural” and not purely scientific, making people want to “fit in” to a skeptical mainstream. But James writes, “Surely embracing reality, regardless of the opinions of your peers, is more rational that rejecting it?” Meanwhile Orac impersonates the anti-scientific sentiments of the Republican party on Respectful Insolence, writing “Anthropogenic global warming? Nope! Accepting global warming science displeases our corporate masters and our anti-environmentalist base!” Orac says many veins of anti-science once associated with the far left, such as opposition to vaccines and genetically modified organisms, now run together with the fundamentalism of the far right. And just in case anyone needs a reminder, Coby has the latest data on arctic sea ice for 2011. Coby writes, “this year’s September minimum is the second lowest in the satellite record,” and “at least one analysis found that this year was in fact a new record, exceeding the 2007 low. What? Didn’t the ‘alarmist liberal media’ make sure you heard about that?”