Donald Trump: No Saving Grace?

Donald Trump’s distaste for science comes as little surprise considering that even his political rhetoric swings back and forth between contradictory positions. Trump is a man who eschews solid ground, flitting instead like a very bald eagle from one opinion to the next. As federal dollars continue to be drained from scientific endeavors, he puts the future of our knowledge at risk. On Class M, James Hrynyshyn considers NASA’s Earth-observation satellites (known as Grace) which are decaying in their orbits bit by bit and will soon burn up in the atmosphere. James writes that “replacements are getting ready, but they won’t be launched until sometime next year.” This could create a data gap that amounts to a blind spot in our attempts to understand global warming.

Meanwhile, John Dupuis updates his index of Trump’s war on science, writing “as exhausting as it seems—and this is part of the plan—amongst all of us opposed to Trump, we need to keep track of a wide range of issues.” And on Stoat, William M. Connolley pushes back at the vilification of Big Oil, saying “customers emit CO2, not producers. Don’t blame the people that sold you a thing for your using it. Hopefully that’s bleedin’ obvious.”


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