Using Less Electricity

On Casaubon’s Book, Sharon Astyk sees a future filled with nuclear power, deepwater drilling, hydrofracking, and mountaintop removal. To hell with the consequences, just give us the juice! But when the oil, gas, and coal are gone, the landscape pulverized, and the depleted cores of uranium piling up in the background, we’ll have to change our energy habits the hard way. Sharon says if we want to start stopping now, we must create a new narrative. She writes, “You can endure anything—as long as it is part of a story of heroism and transformation.” On Confessions of a Science Librarian, John DuPuis shares a new book about infrastructure by Scott Huler, explaining “the current troubles in Japan are only more indicative of the need to pay attention to the threads that keep our society running.” And on The USA Science and Engineering Festival Blog, Joanna Pool profiles researcher Angela Belcher, who “is focused on developing tougher and more effective materials and devices for clean energy, electronics, the environment and medicine.” Green technology could be a helpful substitute, but in the long run, only sacrifice will preserve the planet.


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