Fusing Art and Science

We are excited to introduce a new blog dedicated to The Art of Science Learning. This project will culminate in the spring with conferences across the United States. Funded by the National Science Foundation, The Art of Science Learning will explore “how the arts can strengthen STEM skills and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce.” Over the coming weeks and months, voices on this blog will “lay out the landscape and articulate many of the issues and challenges we’ll be discussing at the conferences.” To start things off, David Green suggests we bring science into the arts as well as the arts into science, and describes a new course at Bard College that challenged humanities students to do “plenty of hands-on lab work.” Peter Economy compares the math and science scores of the U.S. with those of other nations, saying “we must find new approaches to educating our youth in math and science—the current approaches are clearly broken.” And Helena Carmena shares the results of an “experiment with science, art, and literacy integration” in a fourth-grade classroom, where students were first asked to draw a scientist and artist, and ended up improving their standardized test scores. See the revealing illustrations on The Art of Science Learning, and join in on the discussion as we seek to bring together art and science for the sake of improving education.


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