Fighting Change with Change

i-5f925fdb549b400f1ffbc6519f5e6b02-changebuzz.jpgIf we are to skirt the disasters of pollution, ocean acidification, and climate change, we must change our ways of life. But as Matthew C. Nisbet reports on Framing Science, young people may be less engaged than older generations when it comes to global warming. Citing survey numbers that show young people trust information from the media only slightly more than “information” from Sarah Palin, Matthew writes “news organizations and journalists need to take initiatives to increase their credibility with younger audiences.” Matt also has advice for President Obama, suggesting he “marshal the power of the bully pulpit” to get the nation’s and the world’s attention focused on climate change. On A Few Things Ill Considered, Coby presents a common perspective from a commenter, who says “somebody MUST dumb down this conversation to communicate to the public. Right now I am freezing my tail in lower than normal temps in Texas and worrying over the increase in my energy bill.” And on Casaubon’s Book, Sharon Astyk offers a way to combat global warming and improve public health, by driving a little less whenever we can.

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