ScienceOnline 2010

i-84cd865bedcf796c4094271cf1f55d9e-sciobuzz.jpgScienceOnline 2010 is underway, and for those not lucky enough to be in attendance, there are other ways to participate. On The ScienceOnline 2010 Blog, Coturnix tells us how to keep up with the latest discussion via social networking outlets, and on Discovering Biology In a Digital World, Sandra Porter offers an even more radical alternative. Coturnix writes “a record number of SciBlings will be in attendance” this year, and overall the conference will have over 250 participants. Along with online civility which we covered last week, another topic at the conference will be the future of science journalism. Ed Yong on Not Exactly Rocket Science writes that in a world of blurring lines, “science journalism will be increasingly defined by its values rather than by its practitioners.” And David Dobbs on Neuron Culture adds that the real issue is what “practices and values and principles we need to keep in mind as we walk into the fog.” Meanwhile there are many other sessions happening all weekend, so stay tuned as these awesome minds go head to head.

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