… And a Helmholtz Coil in a Pear Tree

i-568cf52d6368878da906f24198670c90-12dbuzz.jpgOn the first day of Christmas, one might gift his or her true love with a certain bird in a certain fruit tree…unless one’s true love is geology. On Highly Allocthonous, Chris Rowan runs down a seasonal list of twelve geologic features, forms, and phenomena that interest him more than drummers drumming or lords a-leaping, concluding on the traditional twelfth day of Christmas—January 5—with folds a-plunging. From reversing streams and melting glaciers to the flipping of Earth’s magnetic poles, Chris probes our planet from pole to pole, serving up a rich holiday feast of geologic goodness in tasty individual morsels. Lucky for Chris, the magnanimous ScienceBlogs staff has decided to fulfill one of his wishes this year—just as soon as we figure out how to wrap those nine fractionating isotopes.

Links below the fold.


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