Going to Pot?

i-4011e68a37a3ecbf2d129afb9d236954-potbuzz.jpgWith medical marijuana now legal in thirteen states, and President Obama’s Attorney General advising Feds not to waste resources on users in compliance with state law, the tide of tetrahydrocannabinol seems to be on the rise. On The Scientific Activist, Nick Anthis reports that the American Medical Association has recently altered its view of the drug, calling for a revised federal classification and more research into its potential medical benefits. PalMD for one will wait and see, writing that “the available clinical data do not give a doctor a clear way to evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of pot.” DrugMonkey shows us a slew of graphs, revealing that “a majority of US respondents” support the outright legalization of marijuana while systematically refuting the legality of other Schedule I substances. DrugMonkey reminds us that all drugs, including alcohol, have differing potentials for harm and dependency, and compares the attitudes and usage trends of different US demographics.

Links below the fold.


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