Talks in Copenhagen, More on CRU Emails

i-d928262a7a1c999778b98c95028d86b6-copebuzz.jpgA potentially historic climate change conference began in Copenhagen Monday and will run for the next two weeks as leaders and diplomats from around the world attempt to reach an agreement about global warming. Meanwhile, the stolen emails of Climategate are still making some headlines, but why? Dismissing cries of conspiracy, ScienceBloggers have moved on to consider the broader implications of the event. Josh Rosenau on Thoughts from Kansas decries the invasion of privacy, writing “I’m sure the server contained private notes to the researchers’ loved ones and family and a host of other content” that was never meant to be shared. On Framing Science, Mathew Nisbet says scientists need to update their public image, because “the public is expecting and demanding greater involvement in science-related decisions and greater accountability on the part of scientists.” Chad Orzel on Uncertain Principles writes that human stupidity was the only thing exposed by the climate hackers, and that “the belief that science is somehow above issues of perception and communication leads directly to this sort of catastrophe.”

Links below the fold.


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