World AIDS Day

i-888f669f656d9aa842b1723719695d19-aidsbuzz.jpgIn the nearly thirty years since AIDS was first diagnosed, the disease has killed tens of millions of people, and more than 33 million are currently infected with HIV worldwide. Although recent UN reports show the number of new infections is falling, AIDS remains a major global issue. So take some time today for a retroviral education on ERV. New vaccine research suggests that inoculating cells with a gene that produces a protein found in HIV’s envelope can “prime” the immune system to start recognizing the invader. Refuting bigots, ERV also says that “HIV/AIDS research does not only benefit HIV/AIDS patients. Our understanding of the human immune system and cell biology has increased exponentially because of HIV/AIDS research.” Of course, not everyone takes such a scientific view, and Ed Brayton reports on Dispatches From the Culture Wars that “Uganda is currently considering an incredibly brutal anti-gay law” which includes putting individuals infected with HIV to death. So in the face of the pandemic, speak up, get tested, be safe, observe a moment of silence, and learn all you can.

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