House Passes Health Care Bill

i-a74d1fb7c0344a4332446d69d44d2924-health.jpgAfter hours of deliberation late into Saturday night, the US House of Representatives passed the long-awaited health care reform bill. While many Americans are elated at the new bill’s passing, others are questioning the controversial amendment added that prohibits insurance coverage for abortions. Ed Brayton from Dispatches from the Culture Wars examines the compromise many Democratic Representatives made with Catholic bishops local to their constituencies in adding this amendment. Later on, Ed also criticizes what he calls “unruly behavior” exhibited by some House Republicans to delay the passing of the bill. On Effect Measure, Revere expressed disappointment and outrage at what he calls a “neutered industry-friendly cup of weak tea with a Draconian anti-choice amendment,” emphatically stating, “a woman’s right to choose is not negotiable.”

Links below the fold.


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